Writing Life for Starters

Writing it up: Writing it down

We really are all in this together, when it comes to the time we will later remember as The Corona Year. (Of course, we will always remember it … won’t we?) Maybe not as well as we expect. Life is made up of a million experiences and many of them drift off when they think we have done with them.

Which makes this maybe a fine time to be writing it all down. Or maybe escaping it, by thinking about something else altogether? Either way, I hope I might be able to help by offering this introductory writing course to anyone who would like to start on a writing project – whether it is a diary of events or a dramatic trilogy.

Writing really is a form of therapy. One that we can access any place, any time. Focus is good. Losing ourselves in the dream is good. Doing something positive is good. Having written (as Noel Coward once remarked) is good.

The course (and the ten-module Writing Life course that follows on from it), is based on my 35 years of writing experience, and 90 published books. My specialist interest is in writing for children and young people, but my work also includes travel and humour, technical and educational writing – the whole lot, really. In this troubled time, I would love to share some of the pleasure I have had from simply writing life down. (And writing it up!)

Hello, I'm Lesley Beake.

Books are life for me.

I read them, write them and work with them pretty much all the time I am awake.

My particular interest is in books for children and young people. After having published 90 titles for readers from age 4 to age 14, I now concentrate on introducing the joys of reading to children through Children’s Book Network – www.childrensbook.co.za

This lovely nurturing course can be yours right now

Thank you very much for the excellent course you delivered last week. I found it challenging, stimulating, enlightening, helpful and most enjoyable. I was very sorry when it was over.


Thank you for bringing your expertise and breadth of experience to UCT Summer School. We were lucky to have you.

What was most valuable to me was the stimulus for writing; lack of pressure’